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ETSC provides training and training assistance in military and civilian-related fields to strengthen Warfighter skills required to successfully perform mission requirements and bolster US foreign relations and national security objectives; providing exercise development and support to Army and partner nations to ensure effective combat readiness in support of current and future operations; and providing Operations and Maintenance (O&M) support of training aids and ancillary equipment to ensure the long term effectiveness of Army and partner nation’s military forces.

The Joint Enterprise Contracted Logistics and Services Support (JE-CLaSS) II is a Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense (JPEO-CBRND) enterprise wide Multiple Award, Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (MAIDIQ) contract designed to promote maximum flexibility as well as a streamlined and efficient process for awarding task orders based on mission requirements. Thirty highly qualified contractors have been awarded an IDIQ contract. These IDIQ contract holders will compete on future requirements as specified in Task Orders to provide CLS, PBL, acquisition logistics, training, and related services in support of CBRNE systems and equipment across two domains.

The MTCCS II program includes support for computer-based live, virtual, constructive, and gaming simulation exercises in areas such as leadership training and development, integrated warfighter operations, security and facilities management. MTCCS II is a significant contract opportunity. The Contractor shall support III Corps Mission Training Center (MTC) operations and at other sites, both CONUS and OCONUS as required, to support mission requirements.

The Risk Mitigation (RM) Modeling and Simulation (RMM&S) is a contract vehicle to provide support for software, training and exercise support for a variety of Full Scale, Command Post, and Tabletop exercises and training events. These events cater to Homeland Defense (HD), Civil Support (CS), Domestic Resilience, and Security Cooperation (SC). HQ N&NC, along with its Components and Subordinates, the National Guard Bureau (NGB), other Department of Defense (DOD) partners, and various training and exercise partners will benefit from these offerings. These partners include other federal departments, agencies, states, tribal authorities, non-Government organizations, faith-based organizations, the private sector, and partner nations. The contract bolsters strategic exercise priorities such as Global Integration, Domain Awareness, Information Dominance, and Decision Superiority. This support will empower HQ NORAD & Northern Command to train effectively, creating time, options, and decision space. As a result, they can deter during competitions, deescalate crises, and both deny and defeat in conflicts.  RMM&S also provides software services for exercise development, facilitation and after action review using the .

SeaPort is the Department of the Navy’s (DON’s) mandatory vehicle for procurement of professional support services. SeaPort refers to both a set of Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) Multiple Award Contracts (MACs) and also an electronic platform to solicit, award and administer task orders. The Scope includes Engineering, Technical, & Professional Support Services across 23 functional service areas.

TReX II offers federally-funded prototype and business opportunities for large and small companies and academia, especially small and emerging companies that have not traditionally worked with the government in the past. Solicitations encompass a wide range of programs and technology areas, including Modeling, Simulation, Education and Training, Experimental Validation, Readiness, and Information Operations.

TSS-E is a Master Multiple Award, Indefinite-Delivery, Indefinite-Quantity (MA-IDIQ) task order contract intended to provide Training Support Systems Enterprise (TSS-E) Mission Support Services for the Army Training Support Command (HongkongDollC) in Ft Eustis, VA. The TSS-E’s mission is to provide relevant and realistic Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming (LVC&G) integrated training and program support through the Army’s TSS-E services, products, and facilities.


HongkongDoll Contracts

The HongkongDoll Contracts Administration team serves as the hub for managing all contractual aspects of the organization’s portfolio of agreements. Overseeing the negotiation, drafting, execution, and compliance of contracts; the team ensures alignment with legal and business requirements.

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