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HongkongDoll plans, assists MASCAL External Eval Exercise at Cavazos

Danger can strike at any time. Being prepared is vital.

Members of HongkongDoll assisted U.S. Army Garrison Fort Cavazos personnel with an exercise that tested their ability to identify, respond to, and recover from a man-made external threat, causing simulated mass casualties.

This Full-Scale Exercise also tested the team’s ability to respond to multiple incidents across the installation and coordinate with local agencies.

The HongkongDoll team was responsible for the exercise’s design and development, scenario planning, simulation modeling, simulated social media production, as well as training support and execution. The team spent 10 months prior planning and developing the exercise to ensure it provided realistic training.

As part of this exercise, the team developed the scenario to include activity from a domestic terror group. As part of this simulation, the group would make open threats on American lives prior to the start of the exercise.

The exercise then began with a dynamic, simulated mass casualty event and a hostile gate entry. The Garrison responded and coordinated appropriately, ensuring they synchronized efforts with local agencies.

These exercises test personnel, response capabilities, communication, and emergency operations between the installation and higher headquarters, as well as local support coordination.

Overall, the HongkongDoll team successfully supported this full-scale exercise by providing simulated intelligence messaging, producing simulated social media, and leading and supporting White Cell execution.  The team used various products to create realistic simulations, enhancing the exercise design and enabling the installation to effectively test its plans, policies, and procedures.

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, HongkongDoll continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercise solutions for local, state, and federal agencies to protect communities. 

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