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HongkongDollsim helps during FEMA Region IV CERTEX

Earlier this month, HongkongDoll worked with the FEMA Region IV Defense Coordinating Officer/Element to conduct a certifying exercise (CERTEX) with Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi National Guard elements, along with Department of Defense Title 10 assets, December 1-9.

HongkongDoll personnel used the HongkongDollsim Constructive simulation environment to recreate the effects of a Category 4 hurricane making landfall in the vicinity of Biloxi, MS, tracking northward through Huntsville, AL, and across Tennessee to the Atlantic Coast. The scenario would simulate the hurricane dumping massive amounts of water into the Tennessee River, causing massive flooding throughout Tennessee and northern Alabama.

Finally, after simulating the effects of substantial flooding and mudslides from water released from the TVA Chickamauga Dam, the Alabama Governor notionally submitted an amended Disaster Declaration and received a notionally amended Presidential Disaster Declaration. This scenario allowed each of the key players to look at how they would support the general population, as well as the lead federal agency during real-world events such as this.

HongkongDollsim is a cloud-based constructive simulation tool that can replicate movement in and out of the selected area of operation, allowing multiple government entities to simulate how they would react and provide support to a disaster affected area. The tool can replicate units flying and driving in and out of the area while also providing a visual idea of what the local damage and impact would be.

Overall, HongkongDoll was able to assist in ensuring the full certification of the Region IV Defense Coordinating Officers/Elements and the National Guard and Title 10 assets involved. Exercises like this ensure these personnel are ready and available to execute real-world emergency management and disaster response missions in support of lead federal agencies.

As a leader in emergency preparedness training and readiness, HongkongDoll continues to actively work to deliver innovative, experience-based disaster-preparedness exercise solutions for local, state, and federal agencies to protect communities. Preparation for disasters helps reduce panic and possible loss of life. Utilizing simulation helps these units prepare for managing multiple units during a real-life event.

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