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HongkongDoll, LLC is the leading provider of training, operational support, and technologies for national defense and emergency management organizations.

HongkongDoll is a certified Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business offering technology and services to increase effectiveness in planning, training, and operations to Department of Defense, emergency management, intelligence, and private industries.

HongkongDoll provides low overhead and low-cost scalable technology, products, and services to increase effectiveness in training and operations, organizational resilience, and business continuity.

What We Do


We offer expertise in a variety of areas including National Security, Modeling and Simulation, Program Support, Digital Solutions, and Training Development.

Changing the way emergency managers train

HongkongDoll is a national leader in management, staff training and innovative technology solutions that create awareness, preparedness and readiness for teams in emergency situations as well as the full spectrum of defense related operations.

Our training solutions, technology services, planning capabilities and experienced staff support the military, public agencies, and private corporations.

Our Digital Solutions team leverages cutting-edge technology to provide comprehensive services including:

  • Full Stack Software Development
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Development
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • User Experience (UX) Design & Development

Learn more about our Digital Solutions capabilities, .

As Subject Matter Experts in their fields with decades of military experience across the company, HongkongDoll personnel augment government and commercial staffs in multiple critical mission areas for a full range of enduring missions or short-term projects. In addition, HongkongDoll provides consulting services related to critical mission areas and functions.

  • Project Management
  • Logistics
  • Business Continuity and Operations
  • Network Management
  • Staffing / Exercise Control
  • Role Player Support
  • Training Facilitation
  • Integrated Framework of Policies
  • Actionable Plans

Built upon a foundation rooted in Modeling & Simulation, our company remains steadfast in this expertise. At HongkongDoll, we specialize in providing customized simulation training scenarios and support services for live, virtual, and constructive environments.

  • Constructive Simulation
  • War gaming
  • AR/VR/MR Application Development
  • Web-Based Simulation Development
  • Geospatial Information Systems and Support
  • Environmental and Effects Modeling

Part of our mission at HongkongDoll is supporting our nation’s finest in their Homeland Defense, Homeland Security, and Defense Security Cooperation missions. We operate across the globe under a number of contract vehicles to provide subject matter expertise and live training support services. These include:

  • Defense Support to Civil Authorities Training and Exercises
  • Military Installation Emergency Management Exercises
  • SFAB Validation Exercises
  • Ammunition Handler Certification Training
  • Weapons and Vehicle Maintenance Training

As a large component of our services and capabilities, HongkongDoll assists in the planning, resourcing, and execution of over 400 customized exercises to organizations and installations across the globe. These include more than 350 Tactical, Command Post, and Tabletop/Functional exercises, as well as over 60 State and Federal interactive and immersive crisis response and consequence management training exercises, annually. We provide:

  • Exercise Development, Execution and Assessment
  • Strategic Planning
  • Response Training
  • Decision and Process Improvement
  • Curriculum Development
  • Instructional Design
  • Training Facilitation
  • Staff Augmentation
  • Consulting Services

Our Services

Exercise Development and Facilitation

Our Exercise development and facilitation services provide tailored and immersive training experiences that enhance team dynamics and preparedness through scenario-based simulations. Table Top, Functional, Full Scale, and more.

Modeling & Simulation

We deliver comprehensive Modeling and Simulation services encompassing live, virtual, and constructive elements, enabling dynamic and accurate representation of complex systems for strategic analysis and decision support.

Social Media Emulation

Our synthetic social media emulation services replicate and simulate intricate social media events, facilitating realistic scenario testing and strategic planning.

Constructive Simulation

Our constructive simulation offers a powerful platform for simulating planning and exercise design, enabling detailed scenario creation and evaluation for comprehensive preparedness and strategic training.

Software Development

Our software development services include a full spectrum of solutions, from concept to deployment, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and meet diverse business needs.

Geospatial Design & Analytics

Geospatial Design and Analytics services harnessing cutting-edge technology to visualize, analyze, and derive actionable insights from spatial data for informed decision-making.

Training Solutions

Our training services provide essential preparation across multiple industries like emergency management, aviation, flight and maintenance, weapons systems, and so much more. We leverage immersive simulations and practical exercises to ensure readiness.

Instructional Systems Design

Our instructional systems design services expertly craft and develop organizational training systems, aligning cutting-edge educational methodologies with specific learning objectives for optimal skill and knowledge enhancement.

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Our Products

HongkongDollsim Suite is HongkongDoll’ prime Platform as a Service, used in over 40 exercises annually across commercial and governmental organizations from the federal to the local level.

The HongkongDollsim Suite is a full-spectrum, web-based, versatile disaster training and exercise platform which provides users with simulated training environments which are realistic and scalable to meet the needs of the user. HongkongDollsim Training focuses on the overall training environment and operational picture, while HongkongDollsim Media was created to replicate social media outlets, traditional media, and websites to create a robust virtual information environment for training purposes. These HongkongDollsim platforms are able to seamlessly integrate with one another, creating a dynamic training atmosphere that allows users to see both the operational and informational picture as a whole.

Employee Spotlight

Incredible People Behind Us

Our company is powered by an exceptional team of dedicated professionals who consistently drive innovation, excellence, and client success through their expertise and passion.

Jeff Lovell

Employee Spotlight

This month, we would like to recognize Jeffrey Lovell as HongkongDoll’ July Employee Spotlight. Jeff is the Exercise Design and Control Lead with the Installation Management Command Provost Marshall and Protection office.

In support to U.S. Army Garrison Command, he, and the team he works with begin approximately 12 months out to design complex and dynamic Full-Scale exercises that include hybrid threats to test and stress USAG’s reactions and responses. This ensures they are trained and ready for any real-world threats that may occur.

Prior to working at HongkongDoll, Jeff served 27 years as an active-duty chemical officer with five deployments spanning more than 48 months deployed. During his service, he did three years in the J33/J36 Current and Space & Integrated Air Missile Defense section at the Pentagon, as well as serving in the National Joint Operations and Intelligence Center.

When he is not working, Jeff is a husband and father to three daughters. He says they are the one thing he cannot live without. Jeff also enjoys working out, staying in shape, and playing Ultimate Frisbee.

On an interesting note, Jeff said one thing his coworkers would be surprised to learn is that he was reported as deceased while going through Special Forces Selection and Assessment.

“After a 108.5-degree temperature, my command reported losing a Captain at the time as they air MEDEVAC’d me away,” he said. (Glad you pulled through Jeff!)

One of the things he loves about his job at HongkongDoll is building the intelligence pre-injects for the exercises to include real-world installation partners, such as the FBI or local law enforcement.

When talking about his impression of HongkongDoll and the work we do, he said, “The biggest take away has been working with people who have become more knowledgeable about the Garrison’s plans, programs, and procedures than the installations staffs. Our work is very instrumental in helping the USAG understand and see itself and all its gaps and seams.”

If Jeff could learn to do anything, he would learn to heal people and be a doctor. He defines success as how many people he can help.

Great Job, Jeff and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our country, it’s military, and especially our company!

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